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Did you know?
Glassless Mirrors are brighter and have a sharper image than plate glass mirrors.

Delmarva Glassless Mirrors has provided the highest quality shatterproof mirrors to clients throughout the United States.

Our Mirrorlite® mirrors are made of a thin reflecting film surface stretched over a sturdy lightweight substrate to provide the most reflective optical images. Mirrorlite® mirrors are also shatterproof, safe and, because of its lightweight, very portable. Mirrorlite® mirrors are specifically designed for use in the following areas
: Fitness, Dance and Rehabilitation, Ceilings and Walls, and Theater.mirrors used on broadway
Mirrorlite® glassless mirror wall panels are safe and lightweight and have been used in many Broadway shows and TV studio sets.

Just to name a few:

The Lion King
The Producers
A Chorus Line
Saturday Night Fever
42nd Street
Cirque du Soleil

Health Clubs

Aerobic Dance/Ballet Studios

Fitness Centers/Spas

Weight Training Facilities

Martial Arts Studios


Tanning and Toning Salons

Performing Arts/Community Centers

Ships/Military Installations

Office Buildings


Motor Homes



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