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Installation, Mounting, Maintenance
Important Notice
The extreme lightweight of these panels allows easy installation because panels can be attached to walls or ceilings. Mirrolite® ceiling panels drop into a standard exposed grid systems.
Install Mirrolite® panels after all dust and moisture from construction has dissipated. Ensure that the grid is installed squarely and free from dirt. It is suggested that installers wear light cotton gloves when handling panels to minimize fingerprints.
Because the mirror surface is non-static, the frequency of cleaning is minimual. Mirrolite® can be cleaned with non-abrasive (Non-Ammonia) liquid household cleaner. Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to apply cleanser. Should the surface become scratched, it can be restored by applying a carnauba wax like Pledge® and polishing with a soft cloth.

While the Mirrolite® is very strong, a hard blow may dent the surface. Dings and dents can be removed with a hot air blower held approximately one inch above the surface and slowly move the blower back and forth. While a sharp instrument could penetrate the surface, the penetration will not run and the remainder of the surface remains undisturbed.

Mirrorlite® offers a lightweight glassless mirror panel for use by health clubs, spas, dance companies, dance studios, rehearsal halls etc. These elegant panels can be made to your specifications and are also available in stock sizes.

When you begin planning you next facility or remodeling think Mirrorlite® for incomparable beauty and versatility.



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