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Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirror Ceiling Panels reflect an optical quality image that is bright, clear, free, of distortion and equal to that of a first surface optical glass mirror!

Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirror Ceiling Panels are the best choice for mirror ceilings... lightweight, shatterproof, inexpensive, optical quality mirrors!

Lightweight - Mirrorlite® 2’x2’ ceiling panels weigh only 14 ounces.

Safe - Mirrorlite® panels are shatterproof.

Easy to install - Because they are lightweight and shatterproof, Mirrorlite® panels are easy to install in any standard exposed grid system.
Any cuts, including side panels and insert cuts(i.e. recepticles, lights, sprinklers, etc.),will have to be made at the factory and will require exact measurements. There will be an additional charge for factory cuts.

Easy to clean and maintain - Because the Mirrorlite®® panel face is only one thousandth of an inch thick, it has virtually no mass, no static electricity. Dust and grime are not attracted to the panel surface. If the panel should become dirty, it is easily cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaning liquid.

Unique Construction - Mirrorlite®® ceiling panels consist of an ultra clear metallized film stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame. This is the same film used for large optical mirrors. With conventional mirrors, the reflection is viewed through a thickness of glass or acrylic and its quality depends on the mirror’s flatness and thickness. The result is a “fun house” or “oil can” effect that distorts the image.

Unique display -Mirrorlite® mirrors dramatically highlight a specific area. Mirrorlite® ceiling panels accomplish this with a minimum of effort and cost.

Available in standard mirror, as well as special colors on special order (if sufficient quantity).
Item Description Price
MS2X2 Standard Grid
2' X 2' Panels
(Box of 10)
MS2X4 Standard Grid
2' X 4' Panels
(Box of 10)


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